Lester Rojas

Lester Rojas

Lead Coach


CrossFit Level 2

CPR / First Aid / AED

About Coach

Coach Lester Originally from Camagüey Cuba, Lester's parents were high-performing athletes in judo and gymnastics and later became coaches. He spent a lot of his childhood in athletic facilities and watching his parents coach, so the gym always feels like home to him. Lester loves the smell, the sound of things being dropped and people giving it all. He attended the Academy of Arts and later toured around Cuba fronting a band in his teenage years. He later relocated to Colorado in his early 20s and absolutely fell in love with it and made it his home. At that time he started taking his fitness more seriously. After having back problems caused by severe scoliosis, he began spending hours at the gym making his back stronger. This led to complete pain relief and as a result, Lester was forever committed to using fitness to improve his life. Being able to live pain-free allowed him to take on new things like hiking, cycling, and everything Colorado has to offer. Lester started doing CrossFit in 2019 and has never looked back. He loves everything about it. When he is not at the gym he is spending quality time with his beautiful family. He loves coaching for 2 reasons: He slove and believes in fitness and he loves and believes in people. Lester says "If I can help someone start their journey I’m here for it." Favorite Workout: I love any workout with heavy objects and as far as hating I “love doing what I hate” so I love them all. My favorite things in life are 1-family, 2-music, 3-fitness, and 4-spending time with friends.

Turning Point

My turning point happened 15 years ago when I realized how important it was to set a good example for my kids, I stopped smoking and drinking and used fitness to improve my overall health and set the best possible example.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is simply put “help others” by connecting and reassuring them of what they are capable of. I’m passionate to help anyone willing to put in the work regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. My motivation is a firm belief in consistency and consistency overall.

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