Earl Boxell

Earl Boxell

Coach, Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Grace - 2:52

25 unbroken pull-ups

1km row - 3:29

100 burpees - 6:00

DT - 15:26


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Mobility Certification

CrossFit Weightlifting Certification

12 years of CrossFit Coaching Experience

About Coach

I was very active in athletics as a kid and played just about every sport I could with friends. I swam for a local team in a summer league and at 14 I was able to swim 75 meters continuously underwater without coming up for a breath. In high school I earned Varsity letters in soccer and tennis. I still enjoy playing recreational golf, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

Turning Point

I joined the Air Force in 2002. In 2008 I became a special agent for the Air Force. This new position came with additional roles and responsibilities. As a special agent part of my job in a deployed location is to leave the base to conduct various missions. This requires being extremely physically fit and can be very dangerous. In 2009 I was preparing to deploy and was in training for the upcoming missions. I was humbled by the training and realized I was not prepared physically for my upcoming deployment. I was slow, weaker than I thought, and felt like a liability to my team. When I returned home from my training, I started looking for a new fitness program. One of my co-workers mentioned CrossFit to me and started training with me. She was petite but extremely strong. After a few sessions with her I was hooked. The varied movements coupled with gymnastics and weightlifting was just what I needed. A few months later I set off on my deployment and felt prepared. I have since deployed 8 times supporting operations in the Middle East and Africa. I credit CrossFit for increasing my physical abilities and ensuring I stayed fit for duty.

Motivation & Passion

I began coaching athletics at 18. I was the coach of my swim team while still competing for the team. I enjoyed teaching the younger kids all the skills of competitive swimming. From butterfly to flip-turns, seeing the kids as young as 5 learn from me and improve was such a great feeling. I learned I had the patience to coach and did so for 4 years. I began coaching CrossFit in 2012. I had been informally coaching athletes around me, and my coach saw I had a keen eye for helping others improve. He suggested I get my level 1 and so I did. Less than a year later I was in charge of programming for the gym and coaching 7-10 classes a week. The majority of my CrossFit coaching career has been for military affiliates as a volunteer. I’ve coached military members in the US, Africa, Japan, and the Middle East. Often our gyms had limited equipment and we had to exercise in 130 degree heat. This required creativity to get the workouts in safely and effectively. Simply stated, I love CrossFit. I coach because I have a desire to lift others up, to help them be the best versions of themselves. Seeing athletes get a new personal best in a lift, achieve their first pull-up or other difficult move, or complete a workout they did not think they could do is the most rewarding experience.

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